GUDMAP Project

Funding and remit for GUDMAP can be divided into several phases - GUDMAP 1, GUDMAP 2 and nGUDMAP:

Funding period 2005-2011
Main focus was the kidney, also minor focus on reproductive system, bladder, pelvic region and prostate.

Project descriptions for GUDMAP 1:

  • Blanche Capel
  • Kevin Gaido
  • Duncan Davidson
  • Jim Lessard
  • Melissa Little
  • Andy McMahon
  • Cathy Mendelsohn
  • Steve Potter
  • Michelle Southard-Smith
  • Chad Vezina
  • Pumin Zhang

  • GUDMAP 2:
    Funding period 2011-2016 (RFA-DK-11-001)
    Main focus is lower urinary tract (includes human GUDMAP extension).

    Project descriptions for GUDMAP 2:

  • Marty Cohn
  • Edinburgh Core Database
  • Janet Keast
  • Andy McMahon
  • Cathy Mendelsohn

  • nGUDMAP:
    Funding period 2013-2015 (RFA-DK-12-024)
    Focus on nociceptors (pain receptors) and associated cell types in pain processing of the urinary tract and pelvic region.

    Project descriptions for nGUDMAP:

  • Gerard Ahern
  • Richard Baldock
  • Edinburgh Core Database
  • Sanjay Jain
  • Michelle Southard-Smith
  • Janet Keast

  • For more information on history of goals and funding for GUDMAP please see here.

    The original database design & implementation is credited to Derek Houghton (