The aim of these demos is to illustrate how to use the GUDMAP website/database to answer relevant and interesting biological questions. They should serve as a way of demonstrating the functionality and value of GUDMAP as well as being a useful user guide.

Using the demos
Each demo is presented as a Flash slideshow that guides the user through the steps taken in using GUDMAP to help answer the relevant question. There are accompanying guidance notes for each slide. Use the navigation arrows at the bottom of the Flash demo to turn through the pages. There are links from the guidance notes to the relevant pages on the GUDMAP website.

A link to a PDF file of each demo is also available - click on "(View as .pdf)" next to the demo title.

Demo 1: How do I find where my gene of interest is expressed during GU development? (View as .pdf)
Examining the expression of a candidate disease gene, Upk3a

Demo 2: What genes specifically mark the structure I am interested in examining? (View as .pdf)

NOTE: running a complex query that invovles multiple components (such as the one in demo 2) can take a few minutes to execute.

Demo 3: What genes, within a genetic interval, are likely to have disease-causing mutations? (View as .pdf)

Demo 4: How does the GU tract develop? (View as .pdf)