Lower Urinary Tract

Early Genitourinary System

Male Reproductive System

Female Reproductive System



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nephrogenic zone (TS21-TS28)
cap mesenchyme (TS19-TS28)
pretubular aggregate (TS20-TS28)
ureteric tip (TS18-TS28)
nephrogenic interstitium (TS20-TS28)
stage I / stage II nephron (TS20-TS27)
renal vesicle (TS20-TS27)
comma-shaped body (TS20-TS27)
s-shaped body (TS21-TS27)
capillary loop stage nephron (stage III) (TS22-TS28)
stage III / stage IV nephron (TS22-TS28)
maturing nephron (stage IV) (TS22-TS28)
renal cortex (TS22-TS28)
renal corpuscle (TS21-TS28)
visceral epithelium (TS21-TS28)
early proximal tubule (TS21-TS27)
renal proximal tubule (TS25-TS28)
anlage of loop of Henle (TS21-TS27)
early distal tubule (TS21-TS27)
renal distal tubule (TS25-TS28)
renal connecting tubule (TS21-TS28)
cortical collecting duct (TS22-TS28)
renal cortical interstitium (TS22-TS28)
renal medulla (TS22-TS28)
immature loop of Henle (TS22-TS24)
loop of Henle (TS25-TS28)
medullary collecting duct (TS22-TS28)
renal medullary interstitium (TS22-TS28)
pelvis (TS21-TS28)
pelvic urothelial lining (TS22-TS28)
pelvic smooth muscle (TS23-TS28)
perihilar interstitium (TS22-TS28)
renal interstitium (TS20-TS28)
collecting duct (TS21-TS28)
small blood vessels (TS23-TS28)